Health Safety & Welfare of Employees | Property Developers

Policy & Data on Health Safety & Welfare of Employees

The Company recognizes the value of its human capital and is committed to provide its employees a healthy and safe environment in compliance with occupational safety and health standards mandated by law. It promotes a culture where all employees, regardless of rank, are held responsible and accountable in ensuring a healthy and safe workplace for everyone, and has created benefits that focus on the employees’ well-being. The compensation and benefits packages, which include health care plans (physical and mental), are above par the industry standards. 


The Company’s Health and Safety Committee plans and develops safety and wellness programs. They take the lead in conducting awareness and promoting safety in the workplace through various seminars, advertisements and info graphics on nutrition, stress management and common diseases, among others. This Committee also created an Emergency Response Team tasked to handle all calamities such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, bomb threat, civil disturbances and the like.


The health, safety and welfare of all involved are always integrated in the Company’s business activities. The primary objective is to prevent all types of accident, minimize hazards and risks, and protect all stakeholders.

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