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Apart from our goal of creating sustainable cities and communities, we also want to help property owners find a worthwhile investment through our developments. Consolidated Leasing Solutions (CLS) is an easy and hassle-free investment and leasing service for our buyers. Through the CLS, small units can be purchased, consolidated, and made part of an entire floor or larger space on selected levels.


The advantages to an owner or lessor’s participation in the CLS service would be:

  1. Your unit will be combined with other units to form a larger space, serving the requirements of premium tenants such as multinationals and business process out sourcing office locators.

  2. These tenants generally pay higher rental rates and have long term leases.


With the CLS, both unit owners and tenants will deal with only one professional entity which is ARTHALAND making it a hassle-free experience.


Invest in ARTHALAND today.


Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions is your trusted partner for property investments. This group exists to provide unparalleled services and solutions that preserve the quality and value of your properties, adding ease to your operations as you maneuver the Philippine real estate market.


A team of experts from different fields, its aim is to personify the Arthaland brand of excellence by delivering superior property management services in the Philippines that attract better quality tenants, higher rents, and increasing property values.


Its core mission is to study and introduce measures that can further push the cause of green environment development and sustainability, creating spaces that are safe, healthy, consistent with local and international wellness and sustainability standards.


With its passion for service, keenness for sustainability, and strong philosophy of ownership and malasakit (genuine concern), this property management services team assures property owners, tenants, investors, and guests with consistent, efficient, and best-in-class customer service at all times.

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